4 reasons why riding in summer is the best

Close-up of a motorcycle's front wheel and suspension system

February 23, 2021

Once December rolls around, many motorcyclists feel the urge to jump on their bikes and hit the road. There are many reasons why riding in summer is best, and here are four of the best.



While summer weather can still be quite variable in parts of Australia, it’s no doubt the best time to ride. Cruising down the Great Ocean Road, heading out towards the Blue Mountains, or enjoying the sunshine on the Gold Coast are some of the best reasons to ride in summer. While you’re also more likely to overheat, there are many things you can do to keep cool while making the most of Australia’s many different climates. You’ll also find that people tend to be happier in the warmer months, which is an added bonus!



With better weather comes a greater chance to get out on the road and explore. There are thousands of day trips you can undertake from all of Australia’s capital cities (in particular from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth), and many more options if you want to have an extended holiday and travel through whole regions. Apart from around Christmas and New Year, many businesses will have extended trading hours, and while you may have to deal with longer queues, crowded beaches or busy hiking paths, beautiful weather will make these things much more tolerable.



From a safety point of view, riding in summer is great. With less rainfall and therefore drier and less slippery roads, it’s undoubtedly much safer on the roads, directly and indirectly for riders. Though remember, when the weather heats up you may be tempted to ride in just a t-shirt and shorts in order to cool down, although this is not a good idea. Thankfully, there are many motorcycle jackets and vests you can buy which not only give you greater protection in case of an accident but also help you to cool down.



Related to safety, summer is a great time to work on strengthening your skills as a motorcyclist if you’re new to riding, or even if you’re a seasoned rider and you’d like to improve or refine your skills. As cornering can be hazardous in wet weather, summer is a good time to practise it, either in urban settings or on windy country roads such as the Black Spur east of Melbourne. Of course, as each season brings its own challenges on the road, you should get lots of practice in many different riding conditions anyway.


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