Australia’s Ultimate Reliability Event


June 25, 2015

Established in 1924, Australia’s Ultimate Reliability Event, the 24-hour motorcycle race in Eudunda (South Australia) on 11-12 July 2015. This year is the 91st 24-hour event.

The riders of today, who with the riders of yesterday all share that same dream of competing in and finishing 24 hours, all face the same challenges – bike failure, rider fatigue or inclement weather and bad conditions. They dig deep when the going gets tough, through the mud of Kamikazi Canyon and Sevenhills, the dust of the flats, the wind and the rain and the cold and fog. The creek crossings and sandy flats, and not forgetting, the duration of the event, these are all part of the 24 Hour Trial that provides the challenge.

The bike that dribbles over the line having been tied together with fencing wire just to get home, the rider that has slogged it out with the conditions and is so exhausted, maybe covered in mud or drenched, all he wants to do is sleep. To finish is an achievement.

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