Best Gifts to Make the Life of Motorcycle Rider Easier Than Ever!

Black motorcycle helmet and gloves placed on a bike seat

June 10, 2022

Are you looking for some gift ideas for a motorcycle rider? Or maybe even for yourself? This post will give you all the answers you need to find that perfect gift!

It’s well known that being a motorcycle rider, either professional or as an enthusiast, is an expensive activity. It comes with extra costs and, most importantly, the need for motorcycle insurance. If you don’t ride a motorcycle yourself, finding gifts for someone who rides can sometimes be a little tricky. In this post, we’ve listed all of our ideas for the useful tools and gifts that are perfect for making the life of a motorcycle rider that much easier.

With the wide variety of motorcycle riders out there, gifts can be challenging to find for specific riders. So, whether your motorcycle enthusiast friend is experienced or not, this blog post will help you find the perfect gift to suit them.

Phone Mount

If you’re buying for the motorcycle rider with all of the essential tools, why not gift them something to make their life on the bike a little easier. A phone mount is a fantastic gift. Riders often use GPS tools. Having a phone mount lets them focus on the ride and not get distracted by potentially dropping their phone or using it while riding.


Riders know how cold it can get during a ride, especially during winter. High-quality gloves are essential for motorcycle riders; they double as safety protection and shield their hands from the cold. Allowing them to ride all year round.

Speciality Tool Kits

Specialty tool kits work as perfect gifts for that motorcycle rider that enjoys taking that extra time and care for their motorbike. The majority of motorcycle riders will already own a functional tool kit. Still, taking the time to research the best specialist tool kit on the market it’s the perfect way to add an individualised touch to your gift.

Cleaning Kit

We can speak for all motorcycle riders when we say there is some serious joy when your rims are shiny, and your mirrors are crystal clear. Taking care of your motorcycle is half the fun of having one. A cleaning kit is a practical and useful gift for every motorcycle rider, no matter how serious. Every rider takes pride in how their motorcycle looks. They come with a range of equipment included and price points, so there will be something for everyone.

Gift cards at popular motorcycle shops

This is for the friend who has all the bells and whistles and everything they could need for their motorbike. Gift cards can also be an excellent gift for motorcyclists starting out right through to the most experienced. Take the time to check out the price range of the items in store, and even ask the staff what their recommendation fit for a gift card.

Motorcycle miniatures

If your friend has the profile of loving motorcycles so much, they have everything they possibly can; famous motorcycle miniatures make for an adorable gift. You can gift them a motorcycle miniature model you know they already love and even compliment your gift with a motorcycle T-shirt, coffee mug or key chain.

If they’re the kind that loves building and fiddling around in their garage a lego motorcycle would be the ideal gift. This way, they can build their miniature motorcycle and always remember your memorable gift.

Action cameras, lens attachments or helmet mounts

Action cameras or lens attachments, or helmet mounts make an excellent gift for those who like to record their ride. If you are concerned about pricing, lens attachments are a perfect option for those who aren’t looking to spend a crazy amount. These options give them the chance to look back on their ride, thoroughly soak up all of the scenery and get some quality photos they’ll cherish.


Motorcycles don’t have a ton of storage, so a saddlebag is a perfect mix between a storage solution and a gift. This is a great idea for those riders who love to take longer trips. There are a variety of saddlebags with all different kinds of brands pricing and the number of storage options you get with each. This gift will make a motorcycle rider’s life so much easier. If you want to add a little to this gift, why not add some additional tools inside the bag we suggested earlier or even fill the saddle bag with their favourite sweet treats for a long ride? Add a personal touch.

Helmet Defogger

This gift is perfect for any motorcycle enthusiast. There is nothing worse when you’re enjoying a ride and your helmet fogs up. An essential item for those who love riding during winter or in the colder parts of the year. Like gloves and motorcycle insurance, it’s in line with safety but is so practical that any motorcycle rider will love it.

Great insurance deals

Practical gifts are the best kinds of gifts. If your motorcycle enthusiast friend is riding more often or becoming more serious about it and even considering it as a sport, motorcycle insurance is the ultimate gift. It will save your friends from worry.

There are an array of fantastic companies that sell motorcycle insurance or bike insurance and can help you find tailored insurance that best suits your friend or even yourself. Insurance can cover regular motorcycles, scooters, and more. Trust us; your friends will definitely thank you later.

Fuel Voucher

Remember when we said practical gifts are the best kinds of gifts, they can’t get more useful than a fuel voucher. Simple motorcycle riders will constantly need fuel, and with this, you can give them the opportunity to take that extra trip. It’s also a great idea for them to leave it in their bike for an emergency, vouchers don’t expire for three years, and it might be the saving grace on a more extended trip.|CB?#k$b_$1eg:z/Q.jP|;L|4a0Hc*pLw_CR@`,sM[.eJjz/yb;*g