November 14, 2019

Insurance for Food Delivery Drivers

Do you use your motorcycle for food deliveries such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Foodora? Swann Insurance is one of the few companies who will insure riders with delivery driver insurance for motorbikes.

Why Choose Swann Insurance for Delivery Riders?

If you use your motorcycle for fast food delivery, it’s important you have the right kind of motorcycle insurance. Rushing to deliver orders while contending with poor weather and heavy traffic can add to the usual risks of city riding. In addition, delivery companies may not appropriately insure their riders in the case of an accident, or may make it a condition of employment that you have your own insurance for delivery riders. That’s why you need to secure yourself with the right insurance.

We offer delivery driver insurance for motorbikes as part of our motorcycle insurance policies when you select Business Use during the quote process (food delivery is classified as ‘business use’). If you are a motorbike delivery driver applying for Swann Insurance, you simply need to select that you’ll use your bike for Business Use. Your bike can’t be hired or rented under this cover.

Please be aware Swann Insurance do not cover Business Use or Fast Food Delivery in New South Wales. Similarly, dirt bikes cover which are used for business usage will not be covered by Swann Insurance in any state in Australia.

So if you’re a motorbike delivery driver you don’t need to be left out. Get your motorcycle insurance quote with Swann Insurance today. Alternatively, you can chat with one of our friendly consultants by calling 13RIDE (137433).

For more detail on our available policies, including limitations of business use cover, check out our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or visit|CB?#k$b_$1eg:z/Q.jP|;L|4a0Hc*pLw_CR@`,sM[.eJjz/yb;*g