August 7, 2018

As fast food delivery in Australia booms, we see more riders delivering for companies such as Foodora, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Obtaining insurance for your motorcycle when used for this industry can be tricky, which is why Swann Insurance now offers riders motorcycle insurance policies for business use and food delivery.

To be classified as business use, your motorcycle must be used by either you or your employees in connection with a business and also used to generate income for the business. Areas of business use include courier, fast food delivery and other general business purposes provided it is not being used for any of the points outlined in “what you are not insured for” in the Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS)

As fast food is an avenue of business use, riders employed with Foodora, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and the like, must ensure their bikes are insured accurately and for the correct purpose. To do so, make sure the business usage option is selected during the motorcycle insurance quote process. Please be aware in New South Wales Swann Insurance do not cover Business Use or Fast Food Delivery. Similarly, dirt bikes which are used for business usage will not be covered by Swann Insurance in any state in Australia. Letting your motorcycle insurance provider know all the details necessary, such as exactly how your bike is being used, is vital as it can affect your cover options and premium.

So let’s get to work! Get your motorcycle insurance quote with Swann Insurance today.

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