Rider Training Course Discount

April 27, 2020

Wondering how to become a better motorcycle rider? As motorcycles become ever-more popular as a means of transport in Australia, rider training has become increasingly important so riders know how to handle their motorcycles properly and safely in different conditions.

This is where Swann has decided to offer an incentive on motorbike insurance for all riders. Swann Insurance rewards riders with up to a 5% discount on comprehensive cover when they complete an advanced motorcycle training course through an accredited rider training centre. How’s that for a riders discount! If saving money isn’t incentive enough to complete a riders course, here are a few reasons why you should consider undertaking an accredited motorcycle training course.

Experienced riders are safer riders, and the more experienced and safer you are, the less likely you are to have an accident, thus reducing your motorcycle insurance premiums. Wait, this also saves you money!

A motorcycle training course will give you more experience on your bike. With more experience as a rider, you’ll have more confidence to try new routes and to explore places you might not have considered as a less experienced rider. This could also help you meet other riders and be more social, thus making riding more enjoyable.

Roads aren’t always in great condition, and you can’t always predict what other road users will do, so an advanced motorcycle training course will help you to make better decisions when riding and be more vigilant as a rider.

Motorcycle rider training courses are carried out by many established businesses throughout Australia, with accreditation by relevant State or Territory authorities. You help keep yourself and others safe on the road, and we help you save on motorbike insurance for riders of all ages. Undertake a course today and start saving money with Swann Insurance’s Rider Training Discount.

If you have undertaken a rider training course you will receive a rider training course discount on your Comprehensive Insurance policy.

A rider training course is:

  • conducted by an established business, and
  • accredited or approved by the relevant State or Territory traffic authority, and
  • conducted on private property, which is used solely for the purpose of rider instruction at the time when the rider training is conducted.

Your Policy schedule will show ‘Rider training course discount’ if you have completed the rider training course.

Still have questions about motorcycle training courses and how they can help with your motorcycle insurance? If you have questions about our discounts or cover options, or are interested in motorbike insurance for young riders or the ‘young at heart’ riders, please contact us on 13 RIDE (137433) and chat with one of our friendly team members.