Staying Cool in Summer

Two motorcyclists with touring bikes riding on a mountain road under a clear sky with the sun shining brightly.

January 18, 2021

When the mercury starts to rise, it may be tempting to unbutton or take off your motorcycle leathers to get cool. First and foremost, you should make sure that you have motorcycle insurance for your bike, whether comprehensive or one of our third party options. We even offer motorcycle theft protection, so you can enjoy the sun and surf this summer without having to worry about your ride. But there are also ways other than motorcycle insurance to make sure you and your bike are kept safe while staying cool this summer.



One of the easiest ways to avoid overheating while riding is to plan your trips for the cooler parts of the day, such as morning and evening, or if you’re travelling in the country and it’s possible, forget about travelling on the hottest days and spend the day in a pool. If you’re riding during the hottest part of the day and wearing full leathers, you’ll no doubt feel the heat pretty quickly. Obviously, changing the timing of rides isn’t always possible, so there are other ways you can keep cool, outlined below.



For longer rides, it’s best to plan some breaks along the way, not only for food, drink and toilet breaks, but also to cool down. Thankfully, Australian highways and freeways often have frequent rest stops, some even with clean modern toilets, ample shade and roadside stall holders. This is also a very good reason to stop in some smaller towns and give them some business.



The wonders of modern technology have not only helped motorcycles themselves but also the gear that riders rely on. Vests are available which can be soaked in water and the fabric will allow slow evaporation of the water over the day, in order to aid in keeping cool. You can also find gear that contains fillable water bladders, and some even have battery packs to cool the water and pump it around the vest.



Speaking of water, the main way to keep your cool is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the ride. There are many hydration packs that can be worn like backpacks so you don’t have to constantly stop in order to have a drink, or even remove your helmet. Heat exhaustion often occurs when you’ve been exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period and are dehydrated, so it pays to stay cool AND hydrated on the road.


Avoid Alcohol

Apart from the negative effects of drinking alcohol on your ability to ride and the safety of you and others on the road, alcohol can help accelerate dehydration. Even if you just have a hangover and are no longer suffering from the effects of alcohol consumption, such as a high blood-alcohol content, you can still be quite dehydrated.

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