How often should I service my motorbike?

Rider on classic motorcycle cruising on forest road, autumn leaves on ground.

May 19, 2020

Motorcycle care and maintenance are very important to keep your bike in good condition to ride and keep you safe, and also maintain the longevity of your bike. Knowing when to service your bike, if you should measure from how old it is or your mileage, if you can do some things yourself, what specific things should be checked each time you get it serviced can be overwhelming to remember. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about getting your bike serviced so you can feel confident that you are asking the right questions when servicing your motorcycle and are taking care of your bike.

How often should I service my motorcycle?
The not-so-simple answer on how often to service a motorcycle, is that it depends on the bike. Some bikes are built for longevity and efficiency, like the Tourer, whereas others are built for speed like the 5 Suzuki Hayabusa, and you should take care of each accordingly. When to service your motorcycle, and consequently how to take care of your bike will also depend on how often you use your bike. If you ride every day you will need to service your bike more often than if you just take it out on a sunny long weekend.

What you need to do is check your specific manual. Each manual will specify that you need to get the bike checked after a certain number of kilometres, normally between 4000 – 6000ks, depending on the CC of your bike, or at least once a year if you don’t reach that number before then.

What are some basic motorcycle mechanics I can learn to avoid breakdowns before a service?
Certain parts of your bike should be checked more regularly, like the oil, brake pads, and tyres. You should check the oil level every few months, and definitely every time you are going to go for a long ride. Oiling the chain after every ride out is also an important habit to get into to prevent any damage, and higher costs when taking your bike in to get serviced.

Checking the tyres regularly is another great habit to get into, checking to see if there are any bulges or cuts in the sidewall, as well as strong marks or grooves along the tread. This should be inspected after most rides to avoid a puncture and keep track of how your bike is faring on the road.

You should also make sure to examine the brake fluid and replace this every year or two, depending on how often you ride and if you are riding on open roads or in traffic. Making sure you learn and perform this general motorcycle maintenance will not only minimise your risk of a breakdown before a service, but it can also minimise the motorcycle servicing cost you will incur at the mechanic.

What questions should I ask my servicing mechanic?
When going in for your first motorbike service, or to a new mechanic, it’s always important to make sure that you are on the same page and know what’s going to be done, and for how much. Below are 6 key questions you should ask whenever you go in to get your bike serviced or repaired.

What is included in the estimate?
Make sure to check what specific repairs or servicing is included in the estimate they give you. Some places will be more general, and some will aim to be as specific as possible, it’s always best to go with specificity when you book in a motorbike service.

Is this repair worth the cost, or should I just replace it?
This is a key question to ask as replacing an item can end up being the same price (or cheaper) and the safer option when servicing a motorcycle.

How long will the service/repairs take?
Finding out your bike servicing time will give you a good estimate of when you can be back on the road!

Is there anything I can keep in mind to avoid the problem in the future?
A lot of people forget about this question, but it can be a lifesaver. Knowing how your bike broke down in certain areas, and why, will keep your servicing costs low in the future and mean that you can better know how to take care of your bike.

Will this repair need any more check-ups after the repair?

Do you offer a warranty on your service/repairs?
Make sure to check for warranty, in case something goes wrong after the repair or they have made the wrong diagnosis.

When it comes down to your bike, if you are worried about any aspect or if something doesn’t seem right you should always take it into a mechanic and ask. If you have any questions on mechanics or servicing, don’t be afraid to ask.

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