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Carrying your Motorbike License

April 14, 2021

As of February, 2021    As a motorcyclist, you may be tempted to carry as little as possible with you when you’re riding, for the sake of weight, comfort and convenience. Some riders might even leave their motorcycle licence at home. However, in some states, you can be fined on the spot and receive demerit […]

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Can I ride a dirt bike on the road?

April 12, 2021

Dirt-bike riding is a very popular activity in all corners of Australia, making the most of our off-road spaces. But what if you want to ride your dirt bike on a public road? Is it legal? In this blog we’ll explain all you need to know about riding dirt bikes on public and private land […]

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Most popular motorbikes of all time

April 9, 2021

Motorcycles are one of the most popular forms of transport due to their size, manoeuvrability and performance. Here is a list of some of the best-selling motorcycles around the world of all time.   Honda Super Cub The Super Cub is Honda’s best-selling motorcycle, and also happens to have sold the most of any other […]

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Fastest motorbike in the world

April 7, 2021

With a tremendous power-to-weight ratio, motorcycles are renowned for their speed. Here are some of the fastest bikes around, both on the street and the racetrack. MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike This bike is powered by a jet engine. No, we’re not joking. The gas-turbine-powered machine is custom built by Marine Turbine Technologies, who specialise in […]

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What the future of motorbikes looks like

March 31, 2021

With car technology giving us such advancements as stability control, electric motors and autonomous driving, what can we expect to see in motorcycles in the future?   Electric motorcycles While electric motor scooters have been around for a long time, electric motorcycles are just starting to find their way into the mainstream and mass production. […]

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Best motorbike movies of all time

March 30, 2021

It’s no surprise that the motorcycle, often a symbol of cool, risk taking and non-conformity, is featured heavily in many films. Here are some of the best motorbike-related films you’ll find.   Easy Rider (1969) No list of the best motorcycle films of all time would be complete without Easy Rider. The film, directed by […]

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History of motorcycles

March 24, 2021

The development of the motorcycle to its current form has taken many decades of technological innovation. And it’s all pretty much thanks to the invention of the bicycle. Read on as we go through the history of the motorcycle up to the present day.   The first versions of the bicycle appeared in the early […]

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Motorbike world records

March 18, 2021

For almost as long as motorcycles have been around, humans have been wanting to test how far they can push them. Whenever someone establishes a world record, inevitably, someone else comes along and breaks it. Here are some of the records currently held related to motorcycles.   Fastest speed on a motorcycle If you’ve watched […]

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4 reasons why riding in summer is the best

February 23, 2021

Once December rolls around, many motorcyclists feel the urge to jump on their bikes and hit the road. There are many reasons why riding in summer is best, and here are four of the best.   Weather While summer weather can still be quite variable in parts of Australia, it’s no doubt the best time […]

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Let’s go camping (with your motorbike)

February 23, 2021

Summer is here and it’s a great time to load up your motorcycle and head out camping. ‘Camping? With a motorcycle?’ Yes! Whether you’re going solo or in a big group, have a motorcycle trailer or luggage compartment, it’s definitely possible to go camping with a motorcycle and have a wonderful time. Here are some […]

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Motorbike Myths

February 8, 2021

There are many myths or misconceptions floating around about motorcycles and everything related to them, which unfortunately are even believed by some motorcyclists. Here at Swann, we’ve done our research and put together a list of motorbike myths which still exist but ought to be forgotten. If you’re interested in debunking these motorbike myths, read […]

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Dirt Bike Rules & Tracks

February 3, 2021

Riding a dirt bike is simply a great way to have fun outdoors, and there are heaps of purpose-built tracks all across Australia, as well as on private tracks. This blog will explore some of the best places to ride, as well as help you understand the rules regarding where you can legally ride your […]

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Dirt Bikes vs Street Bikes

January 29, 2021

Are you interested in purchasing a new bike, but can’t decide whether you want to opt for a dirt bike or street bike? We’ve put together an article outlining the differences between them, so you can make more of an informed deicision. No matter your decision, you should always go for motorcycle insurance with Swann. […]

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Best Motorcycle day trips from Perth

January 27, 2021

Perth is ideally placed as a starting point for some of Australia’s best motorcycle day trips, with over 10,000km of coastline and more than 2.5 million km2 of land to explore. Here we’ll detail some of these trips that will give you a taste of what Western Australia can offer.   Margaret River The Margaret […]

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How to care for your motorbike whilst on the road

January 21, 2021

If you’re planning a long motorbike ride where you’ll be away from home for an extended period, you don’t want the hassle of having to undertake costly and time-consuming repairs while you’re on the road. There are many ways you can care for your bike while you’re travelling so you don’t get any nasty surprises. […]

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Staying Cool in Summer

January 18, 2021

When the mercury starts to rise, it may be tempting to unbutton or take off your motorcycle leathers to get cool. First and foremost, you should make sure that you have motorcycle insurance for your bike, whether comprehensive or one of our third party options. We even offer motorcycle theft protection, so you can enjoy […]

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Melbourne Road Trips For Your Motorcycle

November 17, 2020

Melbourne is only a short distance away from some of the most spectacular motorcycle road trips in Australia. With COVID-19 restrictions now easing across the state, it’s an ideal time to hop on your motorbike and enjoy the countryside. Here are five fantastic road trip ideas within a short distance of Melbourne. Before you embark […]

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Top 10 things to pack on any motorcycle road trip

November 13, 2020

With the weather warming up, many riders will be thinking of jumping on their motorcycles and heading onto the open road for day trips and more. Before you leave, you should ensure you’re well prepared and have all of the essentials packed. To make it easy for you, we’ve prepared a motorcycle road trip checklist […]

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