Advanced Rider

July 9, 2019

Safety is everything. But it doesn’t have to be boring. While passing your original test gets you on the bike, advanced rider training can make you a pro.


 1) It reaffirms what you might already know

If there’s one thing motorbike riders can never agree on, it’s the right way to do anything. A few odd discussions with mates about the correct time to brake and you might find yourself second-guessing your technique.

Advanced rider training courses arm you with some extra knowledge that can be applied not just on the track, but in your day-to-day. You’ll finally be able to shut down your know-it-all mate when he tries to tell you about cornering.


2) Helps you ride safer at higher speeds

Racing down the track can make a casual drive a walk in the park. When you’re on your bike, especially on highways, advanced training can help you spot potential accidents before they arise.

Honing your skills at high speeds will help you practice alertness to danger and co-ordination. If you’ve been off your motorbike for an extended stint, advanced training will help bring it all back to you, quickly. At higher speeds, you need to have even sharper reaction times, and pitch perfect braking and cornering, which when applied properly can make you a much safer rider. You’ll have a natural barometer at a lower speed that will make you that much more aware of danger.


3) Improves your riding posture

You don’t just want to sit a certain way because of aerodynamic benefits. There are all sorts of things to take into account, like balance, strength conservation and effective cornering techniques, that they just don’t teach you when you get your motorbike license.

Advanced training gives tips on how best to sit on your motorcycle, and while it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how much it helps train your muscles and get rid of that uncomfortable long-ride back-ache, the biggest enemy of motorbike riders everywhere.


4) Gives you the confidence to try new rides

There’s no feeling quite like tearing through the countryside on your motorbike. If you haven’t had the self-confidence to take on certain rides, additional training will help give you a booster.

Rather than sticking to run-of-the-mill country roads, your advanced grip control will mean you won’t be daunted by any kind of weather. Your steering geometry and cornering skills will give you better control on twisty mountainous roads. Your increased concentration will give you the confidence to traverse roads filled with unexpected obstacles.

Advanced rider training will take you to new and diverse places and show you beautiful fresh sights. You’ll dare to dream a little bigger when planning your next long ride.


5) You’ll meet other riders

This is the most important. You’ll learn all these skills, tricks and safety maneuvers. But at no point does it feel like school. If you’re already a keen rider, an advanced riding course is a great way to meet other people who are as keen on upping their riding skill level as you. And at the higher-level training sessions, you’ll race them, learn with them and learn from them.

You’ll have access to new mates who you can continue to ride with after the course is over.

So, get out there and try your local advanced riding course – if you have comprehensive cover with Swann, we’ll even get you a discount. Please refer to the PDS for more information on Rider Training Discount.|CB?#k$b_$1eg:z/Q.jP|;L|4a0Hc*pLw_CR@`,sM[.eJjz/yb;*g