Silhouette of a group of riders with their motorcycles against the sunset sky.

November 1, 2017

While we’re all united by the love of the ride, there’s a range of distinct riding personalities and styles.

The A to B’er, sports rider, adventurer or the relaxed rover – which one are you? Take our quiz to find out.

What was the last thing you nipped out for?

A) Milk
B) A race
C) A whole weekend
D) Fresh air


What’s the worst thing on the road?

A) Rain
B) Speed limits
C) Flat pavement
D) Traffic


Describe your perfect bike:

A) A Vespa
B) Dodge Tomahawk
C) Honda Dirt bike
D) Harley-Davidson


Which is your favourite bike movie?

A) Larry Crowne
B) Torque
C) Easy Rider
D) Motorcycle Diaries


Where’s your ideal track?

A) Your street
B) Circuit de Monaco
C) Motocross track 
D) Great Ocean Road


What would you most likely wear on a ride?

A) Helmet and jeans
B) A race suit
C) Full leathers
D) Anything comfy and protective


Mostly A’s – The A to B’er

You live in the city. You bought your wheels more as a means of transport and less for wild adventures You might pop out of town here and there, but when you leave the house, it’s with a purpose. And that’s probably to hit the supermarket.

Mostly B’s – The sports rider

You’re all torque… and all action! You’re a speed freak (within legal limits of course) and can’t wait to hit the track. You love riding with your mates, but your competitive streak tends to come out when you do.

Mostly C’s – The adventurer

You’re basically Christopher Columbus on a bike. A born explorer, your bike has clocked more Ks than any of your mates. You’re a lone wolf type and feel more yourself on the bike than anywhere else. You don’t discriminate on types of road, you love all of it.

Mostly D’s – The relaxed rider

You’re the modern easy rider. Born to feel the wind in your face, you love getting out of the city and your natural enemy is a traffic light. Your ideal ride is Stuart Highway, all 2,710km of it. You’re happy to ride with others – only as long as they know you’ve got eyes for the road only.