10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclist wearing black attire, using a smartphone,

March 29, 2022

In today’s extremely digitised world where people spend their entire day exposed to screens and surrounded by tech, it’s very important to have something that still connects you with nature, something that reminds you of the beauty and serenity of the world around us. Motorcyclists are the people who understand this and realise there is nothing better than an adrenaline-filled getaway on your bike.
The increasing heartbeat paired with the cold breeze against your body is all you need to wash away your worries. However, you definitely need to be prepared before going on a motorcycle ride.

Best apps for motorbike riders

You need to make sure you have everything from your motorbike insurance to offline GPS along with other trip essentials. To help you get ready for your bike trips, we have put together 10 must-have mobile applications that will assist you in keeping track of everything.

1. Eat Sleep Ride

If you are looking for an app that does it all for you, Eat Sleep Ride is definitely the one. You not only get the option to record your bike rides but also to share them on your social media handles. You can easily view your data by keeping track of your mileage, lean angles, as well as speed.

In addition, it allows you to discover new routes but make sure you have your motorcycle insurance before going on new routes because you never know the risks. To help with the risk factors, ESR also has a feature of live tracking, so you stay connected with your friends and family; they can easily find your exact location!

The crash light feature detects any crashes and sends an alert to the pre-selected contacts on your phone; you can add your family as well as your motorcycle insurance company’s number to get help as fast as possible.

This application helps you connect with like-minded people with just a click. You can share your riding stories with other bikers on the app and enjoy every bit of your passion for motorcycling.

2. Rever

Again, Rever is an all-in-one app that is very popular amongst motorcyclists because of its incredible features. Users can customise their trip itineraries as well as enjoy interactive maps. You can also keep track of your speed and distance for each ride and compare with other riders using the application.

Moreover, it offers fully functional offline GPS navigation so you can really explore your country. Equipped with GPS navigation and motorcycle insurance, without any fears you can even go to areas where there are no signals and internet.

You should, however, always take the necessary precautions before going to remote areas, such as having enough petrol and food supplies. Get your bike insurance beforehand, keep your phone charged, and have a power bank to be on the safe side.

3. AUTOsist

AUTOsist is going to be your new best friend. If you still haven’t used it, you are definitely missing out on a lot. It’s a maintenance tracking app that will make sure you are always staying on top of your maintenance game when it comes to your motorcycles.

It keeps you ready for all the shortcomings that may come your way on any bike ride. If you don’t have your bike insurance or other maintenance issues that need your attention, this app will remind you to get everything updated in time.

It will update you about your miles every now and then, along with keeping track of your bike service history. The best part is that you can also save information about all your other vehicles on this app. All you have to do is download this application and you will find your new best friend in just a click!

4. Dark Sky

Are you tired of rainstorms suddenly hitting you on your biking days? If yes, Dark Sky can really help you out and save you from ruining your plans. As motorcyclists, it is very important to know the accurate weather forecast beforehand so you can align your plans accordingly.

Dark Sky is a weather app that updates literally every minute to give you the most accurate forecasts and situations. Its results are pretty much unmatched so far; it’s hands down the best one you can get.

One of the best features is voice notifications. You can connect the app with your bike Bluetooth headphones, and the voice notifications will keep updating you every now and then about the weather without you having to go through the hassle of checking your phone or stopping. The application alerts you whenever an extreme weather condition is about to come your way so you can get off the road beforehand and plan your upcoming route.

5. Gasbuddy

While motorcyclists don’t have to worry about running out of gas as much as car drivers, you still want to make sure you’re on the safe side. After all, who likes getting stuck on the roadside with no gas?

GasBuddy not only reminds you to refill your tank but also tracks nearby petrol stations along with a comparison of their prices so you can save every cent on your journey and spend it wisely. Isn’t that exactly what all bikers want?

The saved-up money could definitely help in getting your bike maintained or renewing bike insurance. Swann insurance offers not only motorcycle insurance policies but also amazing renewal policies to best cater its customers.

6. Motolog

Motolog is an app where you can store all your bike’s important information be it your mileage, expenses, motorcycle insurance policy or maintenance. It might not sound as appealing to some people, but you will realise how helpful it is when you want to sell your bike.

It keeps a record of everything from your bike insurance to your oil change dates which are all a motorcyclist wants. No more hassle of going through piles of old bills and receipts to find out when you got your last oil change. The app also has a user-friendly interface, so you are good to go in all aspects!

7. BikerSOS

If you are trying to find a minimal app that does the job of keeping you safe without any frills, BikerSOS fits the criteria! It detects crashes and offers GPS tracking to keep you safe on your routes.

Its core function, crash detection, is done by detecting your phone’s sensors and then it automatically alerts your emergency contacts if you don’t turn off the alarm which is great. You can also set your motorcycle insurance company as a contact.

If you think it’s a minor crash, you have the choice to turn off the alarm so your family doesn’t get worried needlessly. It also has multiple fun features that you can check out, but the core function really helps you out on remote tracks.

8. Moto Magazine

This is an app that you definitely want in your life, so you don’t miss out on any fun biking activities. The Moto Magazine not only informs you about the latest biking news and releases but also gives you an insight of global bikers’ lifestyles and biking routes which you would be interested in. It will keep you up to date about everything motorcycling-related, be it new trends or championships.

Hopefully, you thoroughly enjoyed reading about the amazing applications and found your perfect match from this list. These are going to help you in all your bike-related issues, from bike insurance to racing on tracks, pretty much everything is covered for you!